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Florida Beauty - Flowers & Lightning

Florida Beauty - Flowers & Lightning

Known as the lightning capital of the nation, Tampa, Florida is a study in contrasts of nature. During this photo shoot of a charming stucco home, the photographers braved the elements as they rushed to capture the beauty of the landscape lighting project between torrents of rain and lightning.

The weather was a reminder that landscape lighting fixtures need to survive all kinds of physical abuse. The cast brass LED spotlights on this property manage to maintain a beautiful appearance while continuing to function regardless of the weather.

Key to the success of the project was the skill of nationally renowned lighting designer, Rick Bequette of Brilliant Nights. His selection of fixtures and lamps ensured that architectural features received the optimal light coverage and intensity. He also focused his talent on illuminating the trees and plants. Even individual flowers on the magnolia tree were illuminated beautifully.

Overall, the lighting project was a success, revealing the natural beauty in a way that seems both natural and otherworldly.

Design by Rick Bequette (AMP® Pro), Brilliant Nights, Tampa, FL


AMP® products to achieve these effects

  • AMP® AccentPro MR16 Spotlight (Lamp-Ready)

    Designed for LED MR16 lamps, brass, adjustable glare guard, lifetime warranty.