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Five Reasons to Hire an AMP® Pro

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Landscape lighting project by an AMP Professional

Masterful lighting project by an AMP® Pro.

AMP Lighting authorization certificate

Authorization certificate awarded to approved AMP® Pro applicants

It’s easy to find landscape lights - in big box stores, drug stores, or online. Anyone can buy them, install them, and see a result. However, that result will only be as good as the quality of the products and the knowledge and skills of the person doing the design and installation.

You could try to do-it-yourself or hire a company (not authorized by AMP®). But before you do, consider contacting an authorized AMP® Lighting Pro.

Here are Five Reasons

  1. AMP® Pros are screened. To become an authorized AMP® Pro, the applicant must show that he or she has the knowledge and skills to undertake professional-quality landscape lighting. We evaluate based on work experience, education, and training.

  2. AMP® Pros have exclusive access to the industry’s best products. AMP® Lighting designs, engineers, and produces the products used by AMP® Pros. We manufacture every product to the highest quality standards - backed by a lifetime warranty. You can browse through our website to see the products your AMP® Pro will use.

  3. AMP® Pros are skilled designers. While every AMP® Pro is different, they all share a passion for the art of landscape lighting design. When an AMP® Pro walks on your property, he or she will see endless opportunities. The pro understands how to use lighting to improve safety and security. He or she knows how to reveal beauty already in the landscape. And, how to create new beauty through the interplay of light and shadow. Your AMP® Pro’s goal is to extend your nighttime living space. And, to make your home more beautiful in the night than it is during the day.

  4. AMP® Pros are smart technicians. The technology that applies to landscape lighting includes controlling the light through dimming, optics, and glare guards. Your AMP® Pro understands these challenges. He or she will make sure your lighting system is fine-tuned for optimal light levels and coverage. The AMP® Pro is an expert in low voltage power systems and will only use the most robust components and connectors. Your lighting system will last a lifetime – we guarantee it.

  5. AMP® Pros are responsible stewards of the planet. Your AMP® Pro appreciates the importance of energy conservation. He or she will use the energy-efficient AMP® LED light sources. Your AMP® Pro knows (and will teach you) how to control the ON/OFF times for your lights – and, may configure your system in zones to further conserve energy. Finally, your AMP® Pro will know any local laws that relate to lighting – especially dark sky guidelines. These are meant to minimize any light trespass (light spilling outside your property) and light pollution (light spilling into the sky). Your AMP® Pro will be equipped for this task since the International Dark Sky Association certifies our lights.

In the hands of an AMP® Pro, your nighttime property will be safer, more secure, more beautiful, and more environmentally responsible. Before you try to do-it-yourself or hire an unauthorized company, please contact an AMP® Pro.