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Discontinued - Soft-Wash Pro™ 3" LED Hardscape Light


Discontinued - Soft-Wash Pro™ 3" LED Hardscape Light

Low-profile linear LED fixture - flexible mounting options, evenly dispersed light - no hot spots.

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This 3" AMP® Soft-Wash Pro™ LED Hardscape Light is an extremely durable, compact, high-performing linear LED fixture. It has a low profile, is simple to install, and can be mounted on vertical or horizontal surfaces. The closely-space Cree® LEDs project an evenly dispersed beam without hot spots. The best of its type on the market.

This product has been discontinued. Click here to see the 3" Soft-Wash Pro Rotatable Hardscape
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AMP landscape lighting lifetime warranty
  • All AMP® products are built to maintain optimal performance for a lifetime of outdoor use.

  • Regardless of environmental conditions, AMP® products resist corrosion and become more beautiful as they age.

  • These products are also extremely durable; they will not chip or peel, bend or break - perfect for both residential and commercial properties.

  • AMP® Lighting proudly claims the industry's best warranty.

* Lifetime warranty applies to brass fixtures only, aluminum fixtures carry 5-year warranty. Lifetime warranty for transformer core and housing; five year warranty on electrical components.

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