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AMP® PRO: Marketing Techniques for Your Business

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Marketing your company can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of running a landscaping lighting installation business, but its importance makes it a necessity for success. While each AMP® contractor brings their own unique skills and benefits to the table, there are values contractors gain just by being an AMP Pro that can help win over customers and increase their business. Since AMP® products are not publicly available, many of the benefits we provide to the contractor can be used to market directly to homeowners or other potential clients.


AMP® offers many industry-unique benefits to our customers which have helped establish us as one of the premier lighting brands. As an AMP® Pro you are able to take advantage of these offers and use them in the marketing of your own business.

When choosing a lighting installer, quality and price will typically play the largest role in a customer’s decision. One of the things that sets AMP® apart from many other suppliers is its vertically integrated business model. AMP® Lighting is able to provide a product with elite quality for an affordable price since we act as both the manufacturer and distributor for all of our products. This cuts out the unnecessary middlemen that you are forced to deal with when purchasing products from other brands. This allows you to offer AMP® products to customers at a lower cost without reducing your profit margin. Sometimes customers who have researched other lighting brands may even be skeptical that you are able to provide a product of equal or greater quality at the low prices offered by AMP®. Explaining AMP®’s model to clients gives them a clear reason why you, the AMP® contractor, are able to offer a better value than competing installers carrying other brands.

Another feature of AMP® Lighting which can serve as a powerful sales tool is the lifetime warranty we offer on nearly all of our products. Many manufacturers offer warranties on their products, but most are limited to a set time frame. AMP® offers a lifetime warranty on nearly all of its fixtures (excluding select aluminum products) and on every LED bulb. Most companies do not offer this amount of coverage on products like bulbs which have previously been viewed as consumables. Convey to your client how the quality of AMP®’s LED bulbs allows them to be one of the only companies in the entire industry that covers LED bulbs with a lifetime warranty. Meaning once they buy an AMP® bulb they will never need to worry about paying to replace it. This guarantee will help set you apart from competing contractors who install other brands. Your client will soon see how the warranty coverage of AMP® not only protects them, but also serves as a testament to the faith both AMP® and yourself have in the products being installed.

One of the few shortcomings of an e-commerce lighting business is that every product must be shipped. Shipping lighting products is usually costly and time consuming, especially when sending large, heavy items like fixtures or transformers. AMP® Lighting is able to get products to customers faster then most other brands due to the three shipping centers located around the country. Each one of these warehouses is stocked with the entire catalog of AMP® products and accessories. These shipping centers are strategically located to allow AMP® to deliver anywhere in the contiguous United States in 3-days or less. One of the less obvious benefits of fast and free shipping is the ability to quickly receive items you need mid-project. Issues can arise during an installation that require the purchase of additional lighting products. With the fast turnaround offered by AMP®, the delay those issues may create is minimized substantially.


A common practice in the lighting industry is for contractors to mark-up the price of items they are purchasing for a customer. Traditionally, this was because only contractors had access to the higher quality lighting products that were only be sold by distributors. With the advent of the far more efficient e-commerce business, that dynamic was greatly shifted. Many brands began selling their products directly to the public, exposing their pricing and making far more difficult for contractors to mark-up those products to clients.

AMP® has taken the best features of both models by maintaining the exclusivity of the traditional supply chain and adding the efficiency of the e-commerce platform. This enables AMP® contractors to make the same profit margin they would using other lighting brands while giving their customers a more attractive price per item. While the price our products are offered at is up to the contractor, AMP® does give MSRPs for all of its products to assist in that process.


One of the main goals of AMP® is to help our contractors grow their own businesses. This idea has been a focus of the company since its inception and it is easy to tell. For example, we designed our site in a way that makes it a great sales tool for contractors. Since pricing and certain resources are only available to verified AMP® contractors after they log in, our website can be used as an easily shareable catalog. Simply sending them a link allows them to learn more about the quality of the fixtures they are purchasing, pick and choose the type of lights they may want installed, or gain inspiration from the projects located in the AMP® Design Gallery.

AMP® also offers sales and marketing resources for verified AMP® Pro contractors. These offers can be split in to four main categories: Sales and Marketing Products, Articles, Sales Documents, and Live Technical and Sales Support.

Sales and marketing products can greatly improve customers perception of your business. Products like the AMP® ONE Working Sales Kit makes your business look prepared and professional when meeting with clients for the first time. Other products we offer, such as the AMP® Door Hangers, can help you generate new business and attract new clients by allowing you to market your business directly to home and business owners.

Sales articles are used by AMP® to pass along information and tips we have collected from our years of industry experience and research. Articles can cover a range of topics from specific lighting techniques to general sales tactics. Some articles may even include specially designed tools to assist your business or sales pitch. One useful tool that is already available is our LED Calculator. This tool can be used with customers to show the energy cost of their existing traditional lighting system and the savings they would receive by switching to an LED system. By using the calculator, you have put a tangible value on the benefits your customer would gain from an LED system, which in turn increases their desire to purchase.

If you want AMP® brand images, or PDF files of our policies check the AMP® Pro Sales Documents & Images page. Here you will find various files that AMP contractors are able to access free of charge. Included on this page are useful documents such as price lists, which can be used to quickly create estimates with a client. This also where you will find high resolution brand images for use on your company’s website or in its marketing material. While many of the resources can be downloaded directly from the website, you must submit a request via email in order to receive our price lists.