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AMP® Lighting Launches LED System Calculators for Energy Consumption, Savings, and Payback Time

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AMP Lighting launches new LED calculators for energy savings

AMP® Lighting announced today the launch of three LED calculators - one to compute the energy consumption of any lighting system, the second to compare the energy costs of an existing system and one that replaces it, and the third calculator that estimates payback time for an investment in LEDs.


The purpose of these calculators is to demonstrate, to the consumer, the energy savings made possible with LED light sources. Typical savings when switching from an incandescent system to an LED system is 85% of energy cost. 


While replacing an existing system with LEDs requires an initial investment, the third AMP Calculator takes into account energy savings and the fact that LED bulbs never need replacement. Calculating for these two factors yields a payback time for the initial investment.  


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