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AMP® Clamp-Connect Transformers and Junctions

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This new line of transformers and wire connectors from AMP® Lighting feature the innovative WAGO™ clamp-connectors. These terminals allow you to connect or disconnect wires without the need for tools. They function using a simple lever mechanism that clamps down on the stripped wire ends to create a connection that is even more secure then the traditional multi-tap system. To use the clamp-connectors you simply lift the lever above the desired terminal, insert the stripped wire end, and then push the same lever back down to secure the connection.


The most obvious benefit of these products is the time they save contractors during installation. Instead of wasting time twisting wires and screwing down multi-tap connections, the clamp-connectors let the installer focus on the quality and design of their project. The reliability and speed of these connectors also allows you to easily troubleshoot a lighting system after the initial installation. Troubleshooting often involves disconnecting and reconnecting different runs to help find the location of possible issues in the system. With the clamp-connect style terminals you are able to disconnect runs from your systems hassle-free thus expediting the troubleshooting process. These products also make it much easier to expand previously installed systems. Many customers will want to expand their systems after seeing the benefits of landscape lighting, and with clamp-connectors adding on to their system is easier than ever. With traditional connectors, contractors are forced to take apart the previous connections and splice in the new fixtures which can be both messy and tedious. With clamp-connectors the installer only has to connect the new fixtures to an open terminal in the originally installed junction, without having to disconnect any of the original lights.


These junctions are used for connecting fixtures to the main run from your transformer or to other fixtures in your lighting system. The clamp-connect junctions come in three different sizes (Nano, Micro, and Macro) so there is a connector for every application you may encounter. The Nano Junction has three terminals, making it ideal for T-style connections. The Micro Junctions can connect up to 5 wires and is perfect for connecting small groups of fixtures to your main run. The Macro-Junction is able to connect up to 8 wires which allows it to function as replacement for the above ground hubs. All of these junctions are also completely water-resistant and capable of handling direct burial. The robustness of these connections is what truly set them apart from the traditional twist-on connectors. In head to head testing they outperformed the alternatives in nearly every category including ease of use, speed, connection strength, and overall durability. We even ran the clamp-connectors over with a truck while they were in-use and they were still fully functional with only minor scratches on the exterior.


AMP® has also integrated this technology into our newest line of transformers. We offer clamp-connect versions of our 150W, 300W, and 600W transformers, so contractors can enjoy the benefits of this technology regardless of the project’s size. Additionally, our extremely popular Slim Line Transformer features these connectors. This low-profile transformer features a window on the front panel which allows you to use a photocell inside of the housing. When combined with the clamp-connect junctions, contractors can now install an entire landscape lighting system without twisting wires together!

With advantages this clear the choice has never been easier. Clamp-connect products are simpler to use, faster to install, and result in a more secure connection then any other wire connector available. Take the hassle and guesswork out of connecting your landscape lighting system by making the switch to clamp-connect technology.