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AMP® (4) Brass Spotlight Solar Kit

Complete solar-powered landscape lighting kit. Includes (4) Brass Spotlights - ideal for lighting bushes, trees, house facades, and architectural features. 

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    AMP® (4) Brass Spotlight Solar Landscape Lighting Kit

    This kit includes everything you need from start to finish to install a professional solar-powered landscape lighting system. Pre-bundled with all the components necessary for convenience and quick & easy installation.

    AMP® LED solar landscape lighting kits extend illumination into outdoor areas where a traditional transformer powered landscape lighting system could not easily do so. The solar kits use no energy with solar power and are rated for a lifetime of use - we guarantee it.

    AMP® solar-powered landscape lighting systems require direct sunlight to achieve a full-charge - the batteries function best in warmer outdoor temperatures. AMP's® low-voltage landscape lighting systems are better suited for climates that are seasonally cold and/or cloudy.

    *NOTE: This solar panel and battery system is not intended for use with traditional low-voltage (12V) landscape lighting fixtures - designed for use with AMP® solar kit fixtures ONLY.


    Kit Includes:

    (4) Brass Spotlights - This brass spotlight is a perfect light to accent small trees and bushes, statuary, and architectural features. Adjustable glare guard allows for glare control and a toothless knuckle allows for precision aiming. Includes an integrated LED light source.

    • 3W of energy consumption
    • Warm-white color temperature (2700K)
    • 200 lumens of light output - System will last approximately 22 hours on a full charge with lumens slowly decreasing overtime until gradually shutting off.
    • UL & cUL listed
    • Lifetime Warranty

    (1) Solar Panel - This kit features a monocrystalline solar panel with tempered glass. The panel frame is constructed of a durable, lightweight aluminum and is powder-coated black.

    • 35W of energy output
    • Stainless steel mounting frame allows for surface mounting or easy setup in the yard with convenient adjustability to maximize sun exposure.
    • (5) adjustable angles - from flat (0°) to 60°
    • 3' of lead wire with GX16-2A waterproof wire connector to connect with battery pack (included)
    • IP-65 rated

    (1) Battery Pack (with Frame) - This kit features a rechargeable battery pack for storing the power acquired by the solar panel from converting sunlight. The pack itself is attached to the stainless steel frame used to mount and adjust the solar panel.

    • Requires 8 hours to fully charge battery on a sunny day (with 35W solar panel)
    • (24) 18650 Li-ion batteries (individually rated for 2200mAh)
    • Programmable settings: Auto (dusk to dawn), 4hrs, 6hrs, and 8hrs (on at dusk, off x hours later)
    • 25' of 18AWG lead wire to connect with junction hub.
    *Maximum of (4) fixtures recommended per solar panel/battery (per solar system) - designed for use with AMP® solar kit fixtures ONLY.

    (1) Pro Junction Hub - This junction hub uses a robust system of rail-mounted clamp-type connectors, wires are simply inserted and clamped into the block. Wires may be connected or disconnected after installation that allows for system expansion or maintenance. Includes hub mounting stake.


    Fixtures are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Solar panels and batteries are backed by a 2-Year Warranty.

    More Information
    • Cast Brass
    • Antique Bronze
    • 25' of 20AWG UL Certified Premium Tinned Copper Wire
    • Includes Fixture & Junction Hub Mounting Stakes
    Photometrics & Electrical
    • Integrated LEDs
    • 200 lumens (Dims as battery drains)
    • 2700K
    • 40,000 hours L70
    • 8-15V
    • 11.1v DC, 17.6Ah, 200Wh
    • UL Listed
    • Fixtures are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Solar panels and batteries are backed by a 2-Year Warranty.
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